Our brand


At chocoMe (founded in 2010) we create each and every one of our products with the utmost dedication and expertise. Together with our team of 30 we strive for the highest quality every day, which is made possible by passion, humility, top-shelf ingredients, and continuous innovation.

We are proud of the fact that our chocolates are made by hand in our own manufactory, one by one, and every year they bring home prestigious awards from the most important, international chocolate competitions. It is also a great honor that we can be present in 28 countries, with nearly 100 types of products, in more than 1,000 partner stores around the globe.

Our goal is that each box of our chocolates reaches its destination with the highest quality and in the perfect condition, making everyone smile: doesn’t matter if it goes to the neighboring street or to the other side of the world!

Passion, humility, learning

Our founder, Gábor Mészáros, entered the world of chocolate in 2009. Since then he educated himself by attending master courses all over the globe, and took part in several cocoa bean harvests, learning from the best. You can read more about his exciting travels and his dedication to chocolate here.

Excellent ingredients

Perfect chocolate requires the highest quality ingredients. That's why we use the 100% cocoa butter based chocolate couvertures of the French Valrhona and Cacao Barry companies, and that's why we get our toppings from meticulously selected international suppliers.

We are maintaining a close relationship with many farmers and producers, whether it's almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios or freeze-dried fruits: we also visited some of the most famous Italian areas on several occasions and took part in the harvest (in Piedmonte and Bronte).

Innovative manufactory

Top shelf ingredients alone would not result in a perfect outcome. This requires the dedication, expertise and love of our chocolatiers... As well as the fact that these chocolates are – without exception – made by hand, avoiding any large-scale production.

For us, being innovative is not a goal, but a tool: the advanced studies of our team members and new technologies ensure the continuous development of chocoMe. The fact that we keep bringing home gold medals and stars from the international chocolate competitions year after year proves that we’re on the right path. You can read more about our professional awards here!

chocoMe around the world

chocoMe is currently available in nearly 30 countries, in more than 1,000 partner stores. It fills us with great pride that the Heinemann Duty Free group, which serves many airports around the world, chose us as the only Hungarian product to put on its shelves at foreign airports as well. In addition, some countries with a high culinary luxury lifestyle – such as Taiwan or Oman – have their own chocoMe shops too.