Filled chocolates

It is not only unprecedented in the history of chocoMe, but also unique on the international chocolate scene due to the exclusive technologies used in its creation. The name of this novel chocolate marvel evokes lightness and sophistication: the French word 'petit' of course means petite, or small, referring to the size of the chocolate pieces, of which there are 21 in the box. The pieces, a mere 5 mm in thickness, are a wonder in themselves, as they hold a filling, belying their slender size. Shaped like the chocoMe logo, these sophisticated chocolate bits are created using a special technology that allows the chocolate shell and the filling to be injected into the mould in a single phase. Petit 21 is packaged with the same elegance and quality that can be expected of chocoMe. We use a drawer box similar to the one used for the award winning Délice range, inside of which the lightweight chocolate sheets are organised at varying angles.

Petit 9

Petit 21 assortment