Chocolate bars Entrée 110g

The primary goal of chocoMe is to produce consistently high-quality chocolates that meet the needs of consumers in all respects. Perfect chocolate requires ingredients of unparalleled quality: that's why chocoMe uses high-quality chocolate ingredients with 100% cocoa butter from the French chocolate makers Valrhona, Michel Cluizel and Cacao Barry, and therefore procures various other toppings and ingredients from selected German, Italian and French suppliers.

But such selected raw materials alone would not result in perfect chocolate bars: this requires the dedication, expertise and love of our chocolate-makers, as well as the fact that these chocolates, without exception are made by hand, and by avoiding large-scale production processes. When making chocolates made from flawless ingredients with an unparalleled taste, we pay special attention to the aesthetics when placing the toppings, which has now become a trademark of chocoMe chocolates.

The pursuit of perfection and uncompromisingness can be witnessed from the procurement of raw materials to all steps of chocolate production to the receipt of the finished product.

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