Press Releases

Truffle and Sicilian pistachio – once again, chocoMe is flavouring the Autumn with new chocolate specialities
4 September 2023

chocoMe won again international professional accolades at the Great Taste Awards and International Chocolate Awards
9 August 2023

chocoMe wins again three international professional awards at the Great Taste Awards
3 August 2022

The Hungarian Chocolate Manufactory chocoMe has Captured a Silver Medal at the East European Competition of the International Chocolate Awards
24 May 2022

The latest chocoMe development wins an instant medal in London
23 November 2021

chocoMe wins its hundredth international professional award at the Great Taste Awards
27 September 2021

chocoMe Introduces New Chocolate Products and Adds Another Preserve Specialty for the Autumn
30 August 2021

The Hungarian Chocolate Manufactory chocoMe has Captured Three International Accolades at the World Final of the International Chocolate Awards
17 May 2021

chocoMe Spring is here with a Multitude of Intoxicating Flavours
20 April 2021

Seven Shades of Chocolate Passion – chocoMe Introduces New Flavours
31 August 2020

The Hungarian Chocolate Manufactory chocoMe has Captured Yet Another Seven International Accolades at the Regional Leg of the International Chocolate Awards
16 July 2020

Autumn chocolate enchantment in seven flavours – 
chocoMe salutes the new season with magical new products
9 September 2019

chocoMe is now Officially the #1 Dragée Magician of the World
3 April 2019

chocoMe Wins Silver Medal at the International Chocolate Awards World Finals in Florence
20 November 2018

chocoMe has reached another milestone on its journey of global success
3 October 2018

chocoMe Launches Six Sensational New Chocolate Products
3 September 2018

ChocoMe continues its row of successes at Great Taste Awards
13 August 2018

Another 5 international awards added to chocoMe’s stellar track record
30 July 2018

Introducing the new Raffinée creation by chocoMe: A Whirlwind of Fruity Flavours in a Small Dragée
19 January 2018

World-renowned chocoMe opens Swiss showroom; adds seven international awards to its list of accolades
2 November 2017

Adventures of brand new chocoMe Délice chocolate from the Caribbean through Paris till Budapest
8 September 2017

Coffee & Hazelnut Raffinée dragée by chocoMe selected among the 50 best food products in the world – TOP 50 FOODS revealed at Great Taste Awards event in London
4 September 2017

chocoMe won first time Three Stars Medal and as much as 5 awards at the Great Taste Award
8 August 2017

chocoMe just added 7 more awards to their collectionat this year's Academy of Chocolate Awards show
20 July 2017

Everyone has a crush on the blonde
17 January 2017

Irresistible fruit flavour hidden by dark chocolate
16 November 2016

In 2016 one of chocoMe‘s Raffinée flavours became world champion - for a second time
19 October 2016

We are looking forward to a colourful Autumn in terms of flavours as well!
30 August 2016

chocoMe was a multi-award winner at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London
12 July 2016

Fourth year in a row - our galaxy grew with two more stars in London at the great Taste Award 2016
10 August 2016

Sensual indulgence on Valentine’s Day
January 19, 2016

chocoMe surprises us with Valrhona chocolate ingredients and innovative Raffinée flavours on it’s 5th birthday
September 23, 2015

chocoMe proved itself at a world competition again 4 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze
October 5, 2015

chocoMe is close to a dozen foreign professional awards. Another two Stars in London – Great Taste Award 2015
August 6, 2015

One of chocoMe‘s Raffinée flavours officially became the best dragee in the world!
October 21, 2015

chocoMe won three Bronze medals in the same time at the Acedamy of Chocolate Awards in London
April 25, 2015

We introduce the latest chocoMe Raffinée with the most elaborate flavour yet
February 23, 2015.

chocoMe won Silver in the World Finals
December 1, 2014

chocoMe won the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize for the second time
September 3, 2014

New, gently searing Raffinée taste - straight from the jungles of Madagascar!
August 26, 2014

chocoMe entered the professional world’s elite, recieving a Silver Medal at the “International Chocolate Awards”
May 27, 2014

Italian Design Award: chocoMe is amongst the winners of the world’s most renowned design competition
April 16, 2014

Prestigious Award Wins chocoMe International Professional Recognition: two of their chocolate creations are each awarded astar in the Great Taste Awards 2013 gastronomy competition
August 26, 2013