Storing and consumption

How to store chooclate


Ideally, chocolate should be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place, away from intense odors and scents, out of direct sunlight, and protected from high relative humidity (high means above 65 %).  Optimally it should be kept between 12-20 degrees Celsius (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit), so it is not necessary to put it into the refrigerator. Under these ideal circumstances, dark chocolate can be stored for as long as one and a half years, but of course the date of expiration also depends on the different toppings of every particular chocolate bar. This is why in case of certain combinations we can guarantee the original quality only for four months. White- and milk chocolate cannot be stored as long as dark chocolate, i.e. generally not for more than one year. The transparent plastic bag with the adhesive edge around each bar serves the purpose of closing the package again in case the delicacy is not consumed at once, so that it can protect the chocolate from humidity.



How to taste chocolate


Before tasting, it is advisable to keep the chocolate at room temperature for a little while if it was stored in a cooler place earlier. The optimal temperature for consumption is around 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). After you have opened the package, carefully examine the surface of the chocolate bar! It should be shining and somewhat glossy. Then check the scent! You should be able to smell the fragrance of pure chocolate, mixed with the scent of your chosen toppings. Particularly if the chocolate is sprinkled with freeze-dried fruits, it should have the smell similar to that of fresh fruits. Finally, take a look at your bar: each chocoMe chocolate is a promise for an unusual visual and aesthetic experience!


Now it’s time you tasted it! Break off a little piece, and listen to the sound: it should give a clear, characteristic, sharp cracking sound, caused by the crystal structure of cocoa butter. The crack should run straight, and the chocolate shouldn’t crumble away. If you hold a piece of chocolate in your hand for a few seconds, it begins to melt; it is because our chocolates contain 100 % cocoa butter, and no peanut butter or any other vegetable oil is mixed into it. Put the piece into your mouth, rest it on your tongue for a while until it melts… Then roll it around in your mouth cavity to taste the various toppings too, and finally, bite into it! You might wonder how long you will be able to still sense the different flavors after having swallowed the chocolate piece. If you want to try many subsequent chocolate variations, drink a bit of water or eat some apple after each different product in order to refresh your mouth. Although coffee is quite a good match for chocolate, it’s better not to consume these two together since they stimulate exactly the same taste buds.

Storing and consumption